The main advantage of the regulatory measures proposed in this MFN is that DoD can more quickly implement changes to the OMB`s government guidance on administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements that affect the terms of grants and cooperation agreements. If DoD waited for all parts of the DoDGOs affected by the uniform OMB guidelines to be revised before being proposed for public action, it would delay the implementation of the part of the uniform OMB guidelines, which most directly affects states, local governments, Indian tribes, higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. SUMMARY: These regulations are adopted under the control of DoD 3210.6, “Defense Grant and Agreement Regulatory System,” February 27, 1995. They contain department-wide guidelines and procedures for awarding and managing doD grants and agreements. Executive Order 12866, supplemented by Executive Order 13563, orders each federal authority to propose regulations only if it is established that the benefits are limited; adapt rules to minimize burdens on society based on the achievement of regulatory objectives; Maximize net benefits in choosing regulatory approaches indicate performance goals as much as possible instead of behaviour or type of respect and seek the opinion of the persons concerned before issuing, as far as possible and appropriately, an opinion on the proposed scheme. The Ministry of Defence has found that this regulatory implementation, which contains amendments that largely reflect existing parts of the DoDGAs, is consistent with the proposed new parts, which will implement two CFR 200 components, and will maximize the long-term benefits to the recipients of these cost and expense awards in the same way as those resulting from these government directions for agencies. Start Printed Page 78445The rule has been described as an “important regulatory measure” in accordance with Section 3 (f) of Executive Order 12866, but no economically important rule. As a result, the rule was reviewed by the OMB. A public servant with the authority to conclude, manage and/or terminate technology investment contracts.