First, you need to define the document types and their attributes in customizing. I don`t want a BAPI for that. The only thing I need is a query between the tables. I need to retrieve the terms of the delivery plan. In this step, a release profile is maintained for delivery plans with proof of release. This profile determines the output creation strategy and how backlog and immediate requirements will be taken into account when creating output. To maintain the release profile, you can go to IMG (SPRO) > the materials > purchasing industry > delivery plan > release profile for SA with proof of sharing. VLPKM is a standard SAP table used for setting up delivery plans based on customer data and available in R/3-SAP systems based on version and output level. Those who work with the traditional approach to adjusting delivery plans in SAP know that defining types and categories as well as maintaining release creation profiles can be a struggle if you don`t know what you`re doing. The above information should prove useful for those working in sourcing and as an introduction to those starting with SAP. The following tables include the default settings for SAP. The IMG (SPRO) allows you to define additional types of delivery plan through IMG (SPRO) > > purchases > delivery plan > type of document. To get the packaging method of the delivery plan, first go to table A016, enter the corresponding details, delivery number, position and get the packaging number (KNUMH).

Enter the KONP table with this packaging number and enter the packaging set number in KNUMH.