Service Level Agreements (SHORT SLAs) during recruitment can be a powerful tool for recruiting teams to advance their recruitment process. SLAs can help you get more feedback on candidates faster, keep your talent pipeline full and increase candidate closing rates. SmartRecruiters does its best to provide an error-free, accident-free service at all times. Therefore, we ensure that problems with reported or detected errors or incidents are resolved immediately. Sullivan said that ALS should determine how to monitor and measure the success of each goal and activity. Miller-Merrell stated that measuring the time it takes to obtain feedback can help the TA team detect critical bottlenecks in the recruitment process and avoid delays and the loss of good candidates that remain unresolved. System monitoring and protocols for all important components, including application services, system settings, load swinger, firewall and lantern traffic. Our security infrastructure includes intrusion detection services, security surveillance, restricted physical access, restricted network access, encrypted data access, redundant firewalls, isolated private/public networks, isolated NAS and SAN access, and real-time antivirus protection. SmartRecruiters offers two levels of customer support – Standard and Premium – to all paying subscribers (and in particular paying subscriber administrators) to answer questions and answer problems. You can find answers to questions and problems or report them by one of the following methods: Backups are made every 8 hours in “hot backup” mode.

In the time field, the deterioration in performance related to the backup process is negligible. Each backup is a complete, non-incremental archive of all each customer`s data. The service is considered unavailable if authentication of the service is not possible (via the SSO page or login page) or if a key function does not work. The main feature is defined as: login page, candidate profile, search for people, online application process/candidate form, “Employment Details” page. In the event of a complete failure of the AWS primary hosting facility, operations are transferred to an AWS secondary facility where a full service can be restored.