Any working relationship with a trial period must be recorded in writing and the trial period must not exceed a single three-month period. A fixed-term contract cannot have a probationary period, otherwise the trial period is nil. No authorization is required for contracts with staff, except for permanent contracts that must be certified by the Department of Labor. If the existence of an agreement on working conditions is not clear, the labour rules are considered an agreement on the working conditions. Under the Labour Act, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development has adopted a single employment contract with mandatory clauses to be included in the employment contract between the employer and the employee. Both parties may include additional conditions and conditions that cannot be contrary to the provisions of the Labour Act. There is no general and legal obligation to execute employment contracts in any given form – that is, they can be written, oral, etc., unless a law or collective agreement is in force and there is something else. Nevertheless, employers are advised to enter into a written employment contract. Mandatory employment and personnel policies include disciplinary and complaint policies, sexual harassment policy, non-discrimination policy, and health and safety policy.

The guidelines must be referenced in the employment contract for its applicability. Subject to the “Employment Contracts” section above, there is generally no obligation to submit employment contracts or policies to third parties or to be approved by third parties. However, the company`s provisions (similar to a staff manual) and collective agreements (if there is a union) are submitted to and approved by the authorities. Occupational health and safety policy is mandatory when the employer employs at least 20 workers in the workplace, sexual harassment measures in which the employer employs more than 25 workers, and disciplinary and redress policies. Disciplinary and appeal policy is mandatory for all employers, but the form and content may vary depending on the size and nature of the organization. Policies can be mentioned in the employment contract. They are defined by sectoral collective agreements and range from 3 months to one year, depending on the occupational category to which the employee belongs. They may be extended once for the same period if the employer feels that the trial period is not clear. Most workers do not have a written or other employment contract, given the design of the job at will in the United States. The employer must enter into a written employment contract with an employee within 30 days of employment. As a general rule, the employer must use the standard employment contract issued by the government.

Under Turkish labour law, parties can agree on a trial period of up to 2 months, which can be extended for up to 4 months through collective agreements. An employment contract must be written and indicate the name of the worker and the conditions of employment, including the position, duties, start of employment, place of work, working time, probation, wages, etc.