Hello, I am from Varanasi, I have a question regarding the service agreement. My lawyer says he can write varanasi on the first page (instead of Mumbai in the first line “THIS AGREEMENT made in Mumbai about” we can write Vranasi). He offered me another thing to empty it (it means in Mumbai to leave it empty) and fill it with pen. So, I would like to know that it is valid (if I fill in the name of “Mumbai” with the pen) or that at the time of membership or in the future it causes a problem. Please answerDanke How many days before can I prepare the service contract from the ILP? I have the first page of the service contract with typewriter.is should it be printed?? Hello, I have a doubt I have been notarized in the service contract, there are also all the problems that my guarantee owns the land ownership, what are the documents necessary to confirm with the service aggrement I bought the stamp paper for the service contract and Non Criminal Affidavit on behalf of TCS. Later, I only learned that it had to be purchased in my name (according to the TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? If I opt for the FD. I just have to print the first page of the service contract on the loan paper, without the part of the signature of the guarantee. Isn`t it? I took the service contract, is it okay or do I have to do it again? Hi Atul, you did a great job. I have my doubts about the service agreement.

Is it necessary to note the service contract? Or do I just have to print the service contract on Rs 100? Sir, I have doubts about the signing on the service contract. My father has farmland. Can it be a surah? If so, what documents should be filed on his behalf? Thank you Instead of being able to type it as a service contract, the person entered it in the description as a service contract, it`s okay ??? We need to notarize or certify the service contract document and stamped paper?? Sir, I received a guarantee from an income tax beneficiary and that is my neighbour. So I can fill in the relationship as an empty neighbor?and after receiving the sign of the guarantee, is it enough to get a certificate from a nationalized bank manager on the computer returns and the pan card and on the last page of the service contract? Great blog, learned can do things about the background check of this article, very informative. Background companies in Chennai are the best place to get verification service….