In theory, your rental agreement could therefore relate to a pet directive that defines the pet clauses. Remember, the Pet Directive is an equivalent, it does NOT replace a lease. Pet additives are normally used when the tenant wants to bring a pet into their home and the original lease does not contain clauses allowing or prohibiting pets. Woody I absolutely recommend you, there should be many more owners like you and I hope this current experience will not put you off. I hope that you can find a solution to your problem very soon, you are responsible and act on a complaint that your tenant should consider happy and that she should have handled the complaint responsibly. Some landlords do not allow pets in their rental properties at all. If they leave a pet to the tenant, both conditions must be agreed. Be sure to write these terms in the rental agreement. I always paid the rent by the hour – even once he asked for it very early so he could pay for his vacation, and I said that right. I`ve always kept the house clean, I`ve never been noisy, etc.

I`m sure this is a good way to rent overall? Apart from the unique incident that I myself paid and cleaned myself for the cleaning fee – I don`t think the cost of cleaning a few patches he insists on is damaging, which he has to live with until he can find someone to clean the carpet (because I`m sure he will look for the most expensive), Benji, I think your answer is a bit harsh. Okay, they have a pet, but as long as the house is well maintained and agreements can be made, it shouldn`t be right. As a tenant (and a very good tenant), I think a conversation and discussion would be better than issuing an eviction notice, from what you say, it looks like you`ve had a bad experience, but remember that there are a lot of good tenants like me, I pay my rent a week in advance each month, all the little repairs I did myself….