An e-visa is issued free of charge after a foreigner has filed an application that is completed electronically on the special website of the Russian AMF is attached as an electronic file no later than 4 days calendar before the scheduled visit, accompanied by a digital photo. Chatree Atchananant, director general of the Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said visa applicants must present medical certificates and insurance as part of screening at Thai embassies. The electronic visa application was also available from February 2019 at some of Thailand`s consulates abroad. [12] [13] [14] [15] On 19 June 2020, Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on mutual visa recognition. [107] Once ratified, visa exemption will be possible for holders of a valid visa or residence permit in Belarus. [108] Participants at the 1st Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok did not need a visa. Entry was only permitted with the passport and the certificate of accreditation. [539] Russia has concluded agreements to cancel consular expenses with Algeria (1965), [474] Angola (15 Apr. 1985[475] Iran (February 15, 1966), [476] Japan (April 1, 1965), [477] Mauritania (1967),[478] New Zealand (1pr. 1962).

[479] Agreement with Bangladesh[480][481] Cambodia,[482][483] India,[484] and Pakistan[486][487] Most visas have been issued in the following countries:[531][532] Since October 1, 2019 Citizens of certain foreign countries can visit the territory of the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region via a special website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs single entry visa, humanitarian and tourist in the form of an electronic document (electronic visa, e-visa). From 1 August 2020, restrictions on the entry of abkhazia citizens were lifted[2] in Tanzania, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The issuance of entry visas and invitations was also resumed. [3] If you have to cross the Kingdom of Thailand 2 or 3 times, the visa fee will be paid accordingly. In the absence of a good system for finding those who exceed their visas and the “Robin Hoods” who choose to disappear, it is essential that Thailand continues to require visas. In addition to a valid passport, it is a good idea to provide your round-trip tickets. The exemption agreement also does not provide for the need to present transport tickets, but it is customary for border guards to request them when you arrive in Russia.