As Simms put it, was a “government mission” focused on atb salary cuts for post-secondary education and research faculties, not in line with the recommendations of the MacKinnon report, whereby the government justifies cuts to university funding: the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations is the voice of 17,000 universities and university libraries across Ontario. We strive to maintain and improve the quality of our province`s higher education system and to promote the professional and economic interests of our members. Founded in 1964, OCUFA represents its 28 member associations through campus support and representation of public interests. We provide research and logistics services to support collective bargaining and complaint management at universities. OCUFA also brings the needs and concerns of our members directly to government, other higher education stakeholders, the media and the citizens of Ontario. We do this through public campaigns, publications and direct meetings with policy makers and policy makers. Learn more about OCUFA`s activities. Effective representation of interests is supported by strong research. OCUFA produces a large amount of data and analysis, ranging from government letters to independent research. Learn more about OCUFA`s research.

Shortly after the move to distance course delivery during the winter semester, we worked with the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary to negotiate an agreement that provides for an automatic one-year extension of the term of office and the doctoral application process for the Holding Track academic staff (university staff are not required to take the deferral if they are in the normal course). The academic component of the university`s budget is such that it can easily be seen as a reduction target. However, academic salaries, whether in arbitration or a free collective bargaining system, still have market factors and comparisons that, at least in part, fuel expectations. As with the 2020 winter semester, students` reactions to general assessments of students in spring-summer and fall education are gathered; However, we only pass this feedback on to course directors. Feedback is not given to department heads, associate deans or deans unless you, as a course leader, give prior authorization. This is included in our agreement with the faculty association. rejected the employer`s request for withdrawal and referred to the absence of examples of such an outcome in free collective bargaining. He accepted the comments of adjudicator Peltz: I find it useful, because if post-secondary institutions have to diversify their sources of income, they cannot do so simply through austerity measures and efficiency gains.

Much of the ability to obtain research, government and philanthropy grants depends directly on the quality of the faculty and its work.